Requirements for Students

     To begin this course, students need to have a basic knowledge of the alphabet. They should be able to recognize the letters, say the letter names, and write the letters. They should also know the usual sounds of consonants. Vowel sounds will be covered in the phonics and spelling lessons.

Qualifications of Tutors

     Almost any person can be a tutor if they know how to read and want to help others to read. But it is vital that they be faithful to the time schedule.

Essentials for Success

     The same methods do not work with all students. Each one has individual strengths and weaknesses. It is your job to find a way to meet the individual needs of your student and help him succeed.

     The tutor and student should meet for 
1-2 hours a day, four days a week. Consistency is essential.

 Click on the kayak paddle  to see the Spelling Notes.

 Click on the kayak paddle 
to see the Spelling Notes.

Positive reactions:
     Express confidence in your student. He may be wondering if he can be successful. As much as possible, eliminate the word 'no' from your vocabulary. 
     When a student gives a wrong answer, encourage him by saying, "Almost" or "That's close" or " That's a tricky one!" Maybe say something like, "You have the beginning & ending sounds right, now just let me hear that 'short e' sound in the middle."
     Don't say things such as:
     "Aw, come on, that's easy!"
     "You had this before."
     "I explained this last week."
     "Everybody knows this."
     "You're not concentrating."
     "You have to try harder."

Sincere Compliments:
Develop a positive vocabulary including statements such as these: "Yes!" "Good job!" "Nice work!" "Excellent!" "I'm proud of you!" "You worked hard on that page!" "You did that almost entirely on your own!"

     There is no need to hurry. Your student needs to master the material as he goes along. Every page of each lesson is a building block in the foundation for future lessons.

Student Homework:
     Most students will need to work outside of class reviewing spelling words and practicing sight words with flashcards.

Story Review:
     Have your student practice re-reading the stories to gain fluency.

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