"I’m a grown man who couldn’t read. I didn’t think it was possible for me to learn. My friend kept ‘bugging’ me about starting this program. He wouldn’t leave me alone. Finally I gave in, and three months later I was able to read my daughter’s letters. Now I am tutoring others."  – Jimmy from Louisiana State Penitentiary

I started using Language Olympics with my 6th grade son to help him with his spelling. He could read entire books, so I considered him a good reader, but a poor speller.

I was so surprised when we started Book one, Lesson one, to discover that even though he could read books, he could not sound out words. Every word to him was a sight word—memorized!  It was no wonder then that he couldn't spell well. He didn't even know basic phonics!

As a homeschooler, I have worked with him diligently for years. We have tried many different spelling programs with no success at all.  Now we have finished Language Olympics Book Four (20 lessons) and he has progressed so rapidly in spelling –and reading– I can hardly believe it. What a blessing to have finally found something that works for my son! – Joyce, a home school mom